When discussing theology, I've come to realize that not only is personal study of doctrine a necessary component to faith, but it is something that shouldn't be kept to oneself. I want to share my journey, both past and ongoing, into the realm of theology. Through this, I hope that you will gain insight into the Christian faith as a whole. Before reading anything else, I suggest you read the introduction and definitions (found in the pages tabs above) so you may better understand where I am coming from in everything I write. Because many of my posts are on heresies, there is also a page above with a family tree of heresies and links to all the posts I have so far on the topic.

10 December, 2012


Just wanted to note that you can now find links to Lutheran sites (from the serious to the silly) in my sidebar, including a list of (as of today) 121 blogs that I follow, mostly gathered from the BBOV (Big Blogroll O'Vark).  I spent two days going through the hundreds of blogs listed there, weeded out the inactive blogs and the ones that were less theologically focused (I prefer to read about theology than pinterest, no offense meant) and came out with this condensed version.  The majority of these blogs have been posted in within the last two or three months, some more active than others.


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