When discussing theology, I've come to realize that not only is personal study of doctrine a necessary component to faith, but it is something that shouldn't be kept to oneself. I want to share my journey, both past and ongoing, into the realm of theology. Through this, I hope that you will gain insight into the Christian faith as a whole. Before reading anything else, I suggest you read the introduction and definitions (found in the pages tabs above) so you may better understand where I am coming from in everything I write. Because many of my posts are on heresies, there is also a page above with a family tree of heresies and links to all the posts I have so far on the topic.

Heresy Family Tree

Here are the heresies I have written something on, and how I've categorized them.  Any suggestions, corrections, or heresies I've missed?  Write a comment.  I'll update this page periodically with links to new heresy posts.





  • Albigensism (also known as Albigensianism, Catharism) (also Gnostic)
  • Archonticism (also Gnostic)
  • Asceticism (also Pelagian)
  • Cerdonianism (also Gnostic)
  • Donatism (also distantly Gnostic, see Other)
  • Encratitism (also Gnostic, Monophysite)
  • Fraticellism (also Other)
  • Free Spiritism (also Other)
  • Montanism (also known as Cataphrygianism, Phrygianism) (also Pelagian, Protestant)
  • Priscillianism (also Gnostic)






  • Audianism
  • Averroism (also known as Aristotelianism)
  • Circumcisionism (possibly Protestant-related)
  • Conciliarism
  • Donatism (also Ascetic, distantly Gnostic)
    • Circumcellionism (also known as Agnosticisism) (possibly Pelagian or distantly Gnostic)
  • Feeneyism
  • Fraticellism
  • Heliocentrism
  • Nestorianism
  • Nicolaitanism (also known as Nicholaism, Nicolaism, Nicolationism)
  • Novatianism (also known as Sabbatianism)
  • Origenism
  • Quartodecimanism
  • Traducianism (also known as Generationalism)
  • The Seven Deadly "ism"s



  • Anabaptism
  • Anglo-Israelism (also known as British Israelism)
  • Antinomianism
  • Covenantalism (also known as Federalism)
  • Henricianism
  • Hypercalvinism
  • Jansenism
  • King James Onlyism
  • Molinism (also Pelagian)
  • Monergism (Calvin-influenced)
  • Montanism (also known as Cataphrygianism, Phrygianism) (also Ascetic, Pelagian)
  • Osteenism (also known as Prosperitism) (also Pelagian)
  • Reconstructionism
  • Restorationism
  • Swedenborgianism (also Gnostic, Pelagian)
  • Symbolism (also Eucharistic)
  • Synergism (also Pelagian)
  • Waldensianism (also known as Vaudoisism and Waldensism)

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