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25 March, 2013

Heresy of the Week: Quartodecimanism

Blessed Passion Week and Annunciation of our Lord!  In light of this time of the church year, it seemed appropriate that this week's heresy be Easter-themed.
Quartodecimanism is a 2nd century heresy that says Easter should only be celebrated during the Passover, on 14 Nisan in the Jewish calendar. It was condemned at the 325 Council of Nicaea. Followers of Audianism practiced Quartodecimanism, even after the Council condemned it, and it enjoyed a brief revitalization in 10th century Italy.

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Keaton said...

Why is this one classified as a heresy? It seems that, unless the Quartodecimanarians sought to bind consciences by demanding a particular date for Easter... the issue is largely one of practice, not of doctrine. Can there be practical heretics? Or only doctrinal heretics?