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11 February, 2013

Lent is coming!

This Wednesday, 13 February, marks the beginning of Lent--Ash Wednesday.  It falls on my mom's birthday this year (happy birthday, mom!).  Lent (and Holy Week) is my favorite season in the church year.  Lent is a time of penitence and reflection.  Purple, the liturgical color for this season, is a reminder of that penitence.

To focus us on what was given for us in the culmination of this season--Good Friday--many often "give up" something for Lent, something that they would normally do, use, eat, etc. so that every time you think about it, you also pause to think about what Lent means and signifies.  In addition to giving something up for Lent, I also try to pick up a good habit.  So, this year for Lent, what I'm doing is...

  • Giving up Facebooking from my phone (which is where I do a majority of my Facebooking)
  • Renewing my study of Koine Greek (starting with reviewing the basics, which I already sort of know, and then doing the next best thing to immersion (since it is a dead language)--translating, beginning with Romans, because it is my favorite book of the Bible and I'm ambitious like that)
  • Attempting to get myself into good exercising habits
Hopefully you will reap the benefits of my Greek study as I chronicle it on here (to help keep me accountable).  Passing on any resources you know of that might benefit my learning would be appreciated.

A blessed Lent season to you all!

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