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22 July, 2013

Heresies of the Week: Antidicomarian Heresies

This week's heresies are largely just a rose of any other name... the root heresy, Antidicomarianism, was discussed on this blog last year.
Bonosianism: see Antidicomarianism. Bonosianism is a 4th century heresy in line with Antidicomarianism.

Helvidianism: Helvidianism is an Antidicomarianism heresy that denies the perpetual virginity of Mary and says that Jesus had younger siblings born of Mary and Joseph. 
Jovinianism: Jovinianism is an Antidicomarianism heresy, but also taught that once a person is baptized, they cannot sin (Antinomianism). They taught that it was better to be a virgin than marry.

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