When discussing theology, I've come to realize that not only is personal study of doctrine a necessary component to faith, but it is something that shouldn't be kept to oneself. I want to share my journey, both past and ongoing, into the realm of theology. Through this, I hope that you will gain insight into the Christian faith as a whole. Before reading anything else, I suggest you read the introduction and definitions (found in the pages tabs above) so you may better understand where I am coming from in everything I write. Because many of my posts are on heresies, there is also a page above with a family tree of heresies and links to all the posts I have so far on the topic.

13 October, 2012

Heresies Family Trees

My heresies project is far from complete (and it is just a small portion of a much larger project anyways, my goal is to have it totally done by 2017--yes, I think it will take me that long, thanks to my inability to focus on one thing for too long without getting bored or distracted, and other things going on in my life... like baby in 6-ish months), so as I expand it further and/or receive edits from various individuals, this will be updated.

For now, here is what I have come up with for a family trees of heresies.  If you notice an error in categorizing, or a heresy you know of that is missing from the list, please comment and I will correct/look into adding!

Also, keep in mind that with some of these, I just made up names for to describe heresies that I see but couldn't find another name already in use for (such as "Osteenism"/"Prosperitism" to cover the false teaching of the Prosperity Gospel).

Note: I plan on starting a "Heresy of the Week" post (thanks to the suggestion of a friend), hopefully every Monday, on 15 October.  Any votes for the first heresy you'd like to learn more about?  If I hear nothing, we'll default to my "favorite" (not because it is good, but because it's the most prevalent in Christendom today from my perspective) to kick this off.  Anyone want to guess which heresy that is?


  • Antidicomarianism
  • Bonosianism
  • Helvidianism
  • Jovinianism


  • Arianism (also Arian)
  • Deism
  • Dystheism
  • Macedonianism (also known as Pneumatomachism, Tropicism) (also Arian)
  • Marcionism (also Gnostic)
  • Mohammedanism (also Arian)
  • Monarchianism (also Arian)
    • Adoptionism (also known as Dynamic Monarchianism) (also Arian)
      • Paulicianism (also Arian, Gnostic)
      • Psilanthropism (also Arian)
      • Samosatenism (also Arian)
      • Unitarianism (also Pelagian)
        • Christadelphianism (also Pelagian)
    • Sabellianism (also known as Modalism) (also Arian)
      • Noeticism
        • Patripassianism (also known as Patripassionism) (also Arian)
  • Photinianism (also Arian)
  • Polytheism
  • Socinianism (also Gnostic)
  • Subordinationism (also Arian)
  • Tritheism
  • Universalism


  • Anomœanism (also known as Aëtianism, Anomeanism, Eunomianism, Heterousianism, Heteroousianism)
  • Arianism (also Antitrinitarian)
  • Ebionitism (possibly Pelagian)
  • Eudoxianism
  • Kenosism
  • Macedonianism (also known as Pneumatomachism, Tropicism) (also Antitrinitarian)
  • Mohammedanism (also Antitrinitarian)
  • Monarchianism (also Antitrinitarian)
    • Adoptionism (also known as Dynamic Monarchianism) (also Antitrinitarian)
      • Paulicianism (also Antitrinitarian, Gnostic)
      • Psilanthropism (also Antitrinitarian)
      • Samosatenism (also Antitrinitarian)
    • Sabellianism (also known as Modalism) (also Antitrinitarian)
      • Patripassianism (also known as Patripassionism) (also Antitrinitarian)
  • Photinianism (also Antitrinitarian)
  • Semi-Arianism
  • Subordinationism (also Antitrinitarian)
  • Tritheism (also Antitrinitarian)


  • Albigensism (also Gnostic)
  • Archonticism (also Gnostic)
  • Cerdonianism (also Gnostic)
  • Donatism (also Gnostic)
  • Encratitism (also Gnostic, Monophysite)
  • Fraticellism (also Other)
  • Free Spiritism (also Other)
  • Montanism (also known as Cataphrygianism, Phrygianism) (also Pelagian, Protestant)
  • Priscillianism (also Gnostic)


  • Christian Zionism
  • Futurism
  • Historicism
  • Idealism
  • Millenarianism (also known as Millenarism) ( slightly Protestant)
    • Joachimism
      • Dulcinianism
    • Millennialism (also known as Chiliasm)
    • Postmillennialism
    • Premillennialism
      • Dispensationalism
      • Dispensational Premillennialism
  • Millerism
  • Preterism


  • Impanationism
  • Symbolism (also Protestant)
  • Transubstantiationism


  • Archonticism (also Ascetic)
  • Bogomilism
    • Albigensism (also known as Albigensianism, Catharism) (also Ascetic)
    • Bosnianism
    • Patarenism
    • Paulicianism (also Antitrinitarian, Arian)
    • Tondrakianism
  • Borboritism (also known as Barbalitism, Koddianism, Phibionitism, Secundianism, Socratitism)
  • Cainitism
  • Carpocratianism
  • Cerdonianism (also Ascetic)
    • Marcionism (also Antitrinitarian)
  • Cerinthianism
  • Colobasianism
  • Docetism (also Monophysite)
  • Encratitism (also known as Hydroparastatæism, Saccophorism, Severianism) (also Ascetic, Monophysite)
  • Euchitism (also known as Messalianism)
  • Gnosticism
  • Luciferianism (also Antitrinitarian)
  • Ophitism (also known as Ophianism)
  • Johannism
    • Notzrimism (also known as Nazaraiosism)
    • Mandaeism (also known as Mandaeanism)
      • Elcesaitism (also known as Elchasaitism, Elkasitism, Elkesaitism) (also Monophysite)
      • Manichaeism (also known as Manichaeanism)
        • Bagnolianism
    • Naassenism
    • Peratism
    • Sethianism 
      • Bardaisanitism (also known as Bardesanitism)
        • Valentinianism
      • Basilidianism (also known as Basildeanism)
      • Thomasenism (also known as Thomasinism)
  • Priscillianism (also Ascetic)
  • Simonianism (also known as Helenianism)
  • Socinianism (also Antitrinitarian)
  • Swedenborgianism (also Pelagian, Protestant)


  • Apollinarianism (also known as Apollinarism)
  • Docetism (also Gnostic)
  • Elcesaitism (also Gnostic)
  • Encratitism (also known as Hydroparastatæism, Saccophorism, Severianism) (also Ascetic, Gnostic)
  • Eutychianism
  • Miaphysitism
  • Monoenergism
  • Monophysitism
  • Monothelitism
  • Polemianism


  • Audianism
  • Averroism (also known as Aristotelianism)
  • Circumcisionism (possibly Protestant-related)
  • Conciliarism
  • Donatism (distantly Gnostic)
    • Circumcellionism (also known as Agnosticisism) (possibly Pelagian or distantly Gnostic)
  • Ebionitism
  • Feeneyism
  • Fraticellism
  • Heliocentrism
  • Nestorianism
  • Nicolaitanism (also known as Nicholaism, Nicolaism, Nicolationism)
  • Novatianism (also known as Sabbatianism)
  • Origenism
  • Quartodecimanism
  • Traducianism (also known as Generationalism)


  • Asceticism
  • Free Spiritism
  • Legalism
  • Molinism (also Protestant)
  • Montanism (also known as Cataphrygianism, Phrygianism) (also Ascetic, Protestant)
  • Osteenism (also known as Prosperitism) (also Protestant)
  • Pelagianism
  • Semi-Pelagianism
  • Swedenborgianism (also Gnostic, Protestant)
  • Synergism (also Protestant)
  • Unitarianism (also Antitrinitarian)
    • Christadelphianism (also Antitrinitarian)


  • Anabaptism
  • Anglo-Israelism (also known as British Israelism)
  • Antinomianism
  • Covenantalism (also known as Federalism)
  • Henricianism
  • Hypercalvinism
  • Jansenism
  • King James Onlyism
  • Molinism (also Pelagian)
  • Monergism
  • Montanism (also known as Cataphrygianism, Phrygianism) (also Ascetic, Pelagian)
  • Osteenism (also known as Prosperitism) (also Pelagian)
  • Reconstructionism
  • Restorationism
  • Swedenborgianism (also Gnostic, Pelagian)
  • Symbolism (also Eucharistic)
  • Synergism (also Pelagian)
  • Waldensianism (also known as Vaudoisism and Waldensism)

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