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13 October, 2012

Why I am not "protestant"

It might be easier for all three "protestant" sects to share only what I actually agree with them on, rather than disagree.  I think the "agree" lists will be much shorter in all three cases than the "disagree" lists.

I'm referencing below strict adherence to Arminianism, Calvinism and Radical Reformed teachings, rather than the various denominations and their further misunderstandings of theology today.  Most of them are even worse and I would agree with them less than I do with their root sects.


  1. The existence of Free Will (although they seriously over-emphasize it to the point of heresy)
  2. God
    1. The Trinity
    2. Who God is
    3. The Humanity and Divinity of Christ
  3. Infallibility of the Word of God


  1. Original Sin (or Total Depravity from TULIP)
  2. Unconditional Election ("U" from TULIP, although they misapply and misunderstand it)
  3. God
    1. The Trinity
    2. Who God is
    3. The Humanity and Divinity of Christ
  4. Infallibility of the Word of God

Radical Reformed

  1. God
    1. The Trinity
    2. Who God is
    3. The Humanity and Divinity of Christ
  2. Infallibility of the Word of God


And... that's all I can think of off the top of my head.  I'll add to these lists as I think of more, because I feel like there has to be more than this, but I honestly can't think of anything else at the moment.

They're so short because I disagree with all three on everything from tradition in the church to Justification and Sanctification, to eschatology, to free will/predestination (none get it right on this count), to the sacraments, to soteriology, to civil affairs and the church's role in that, to law and gospel, to the office of the keys, to confession, to even simple things like the creeds... and on and on.  When so much that is basic to our faith can't be agreed upon... we have problems.

This is why I've often said if I can't be Lutheran, I'd be Roman Catholic.  I agree with them on far more than I disagree with them, certainly in comparison to "protestants" at least.

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