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30 October, 2012

Pastoral Appreciation

Apparently I missed the memo that October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  I couldn't let the month slip away without thanking all the dear Pastors in my life, most especially...
  • Pr. DuWayne Kirkeide -- the Pastor who baptized, first communed and confirmed me
  • Pr. Donal Widger -- my Pastor in Colorado Springs the last several years (after Pr. Kirkeide retired), and the one who married me
  • Pr. Brian Wolfmueller -- my current Pastor, who has made moving to Denver and finding a church that much better (and been an incredible and helpful resource for all my annoying theological questions)

And all my other Pastor friends--most of whom I know online or from the District Synodical Convention this summer:
  • Pr. George Borghardt
  • Pr. Daniel Burhop
  • Pr. William Cwirla
  • Pr. Jonathan Fisk
  • Pr. Carlton Hein
  • Pr. Steven Hein
  • Pr. Adam Lehman
  • Pr. Brian Kachelmeier
  • Pr. Alan Kornacki
  • Pr. Jared Melius
  • Pr. Mark Preus
  • Pr. Donavon Reily
  • Pr. Walter Snyder
  • Pr. Geoffrey Wagner
  • Pr. William Weedon
  • Pr. Todd Wilken

I'm sure there are more that I've forgotten (I have to know more than just Lutheran Pastors, right?), but thank you to all Pastors who care for their flocks, and preach the Word in its entirety and purity--both Law and Gospel.

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