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17 October, 2012

The Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church

A brief post on this topic.  As I have been researching for my book (tentatively titled "Here I (Still) Stand" -- more about it later), I came across an excellent resource by Heinrich Schmid called "The Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church".  Using source texts (Lutheran theologians closest to the time of the Reformation and not more than a generation or two removed from Luther), Heinrich assembled an incredibly thorough and well-documented Biblical defense of Lutheran teachings and excellent apologetics resource in the mid 19th century.

For those interest, it is available for free online in several places, including Project Wittenberg and Google Books.  It is rather lengthy (over 700 pages), but well worth having on hand, especially as a Lutheran, should someone ask a question that you don't always know how to answer.  Someone far more studied, learned and coherent than I has already done much of the work in compiling all the necessary resources into one easy-to-use source.


Steve Bricker said...

Thank you for mentioning this. I ordered a used copy through a book dealer not far from me. Looking forward to reading it.

Sarah Marie Arnold said...

You're welcome! Looking forward to acquiring my own hard copy of it soon.